Five reasons why your Workers comp Claim might get denied

The purpose of Workers’ Compensation insurance is to provide help to those that can’t work because of an injury sustained at work but what happens when they denied your claim?  Why did they deny your claim?  Below are the top five reasons why your claim can be denied.

The injury was not reported immediately

 Workers’ Compensation insurance trained their adjuster to question everything and taking too long before you report your injury at work will make them very suspicious. They assume that since you didn’t report your accident that you’re not that hurt or that you’re lying.  Don’t wait to report it even if you think is not a big deal. A lot of injuries might get worse as the time goes on.  You want to fill out the appropriate paperwork to comply with the law and to protect your benefits in the case you might need of them.

 Discrepancies in the accident timeline

Your claim will most likely be denied if your story of the events is inconsistent.  For instance, if you tell the manager that you were injured one way but you tell the doctor something else, this will raise red flags. The story you tell your co-workers, doctor and supervisor needs to be the same one.

 Reporting the accident after you were laid off or fired

 Waiting to report the accident can be fatal to your case. A lot of the time people wait until they get laid off or fired to report the accident.  They figure that since they no longer work for that company they don’t have to worry about getting let go for filing the claim. The Workers Comp insurance companies don’t like this and assume that you’re just a disgruntled employee trying to get back at the employer for laying you off and will make it difficult to convince a Workers’ Compensation Judge that your injury is a legitimate one.  

 Illegal substances in your system during the time of the accident

 If you are found to be under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug at the time of your accident at work the insurance company will deny your claim.

 No Witnesses

 Workers Compensation insurance hate accidents with no witnesses and will question them the majority of the times. If you get hurt at work and no one saw what happened, there is nothing you can do about that. But you should immediately tell someone and report your accident to your supervisor or the HR department.

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