How to file a Workers Compensation Claim Form in Los Angeles

You must file a claim form to begin the Workers’ Compensation process.  Your employer should give you a claim form one day after learning about the injury you sustained at work or illness. If you have not received one from your employer you can download one from the DWC website,  

How to file a Workers Comp Claim Form

  1.       Fill out the “employee” section of the form.
  2.       Sign and date the claim form and make a copy for your records.  If you are mailing the claim form to your employer be sure to send it by certified mail. It’s important to keep a record of the date it was mailed and the date it was received.
  3.       Your employer should complete the “employer” section of the form.
  4.       Your employer will forward the completed form to their Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  5.       You should receive a copy of the completed claim form from your employer. You may request one and keep it for your records.

The insurance company has 14 days to let you know the status of your claim in writing.  If you don’t get a letter, call the insurance company and find out the status of your claim.  You can find more information by going to the links page on this website or you can shoot me an email.