How to get free legal representation

free stuffThe arduous task of looking for an attorney to represent you can be very stressful. Not to mention, expensive. You might even have to cough up some cash just for a consultation. Well chill out dude, I’m about to give you an inside look to a large pool of free legal resources available, as well as tips on how to get discounted legal services.

Free legal consultations are available through the state. A lot of attorney offices advertise “Free Consultation” on their website. However, even if they don’t advertise it you should still inquire about it because a lot of attorneys will discuss your case over the phone.

Find out how the attorney gets paid. This one is very important because you might not have to pay up front. A lot of attorneys get paid a percentage of your settlement the settlement. For instance, in most Workers Compensation lawyers will take 15% of whatever your final settlement is. Have you not heard them advertising on Television that you don’t pay if they don’t win your case?

Take advantage of local Pro Bono Programs. The word Pro bono means free services or sometime services at a reduced prize. This service is available through local, state association or a non-profit organization. Be aware, because you might not qualify for this service if you income is above a certain annual dollar amount.

Use the help of the legal aid hotlines. Legal hotlines can be a useful way to find out what type of case you have. Is it something you can handle or do you need the help of an attorney. Besides, legal hotlines are free for certain situation or very cheap. Hint: Make sure you are using a hot line in your state.

Use “Ask a Lawyer” as a resource. These resources connect people with experiences attorneys. You can find these types of websites all over the internet. Websites like, Lawguru, and Free advice are only a few sites that offer free legal advice.

Look at local Law Schools. Many law schools offer programs that offer free legal service in order to give their law student relevant experience. These clinics can take on all general civil cases or can be geared towards a specific legal case. The legal help you would be receiving would come from a student under the supervision of an experienced law professor. Even though, students are not licensed attorneys, they are supervised by an experienced attorney and you can rest assure that everything will be don’t correctly

Take advantage of legal Forums. A lot of experience attorneys frequent these forums as a way to attract more clients. In an exchange they will answer questions about what ever legal issue you might be going through. In some case, you might even get your question answered by a few lawyers.

Getting legal help has never been easier. You have a wide arrangement of resources available. All you have to do is look and you will find that real help is not hard to find and it’s also not expensive. At the end of the day, there is no way around it and you might have to hire a seasoned attorney to represent you.