Injured at Work: Question and Answer



Dear Workers Comp Guy:

I got injured in California back in 2013. After a period of ups and downs, I fired my attorney and eventually  agreed to an AME doctor but  I didn’t  agree with the report.  The report doesn’t address the other injuries which I need treatment for.  Can I request a QME or PQME or can I even get one at this stage of my case?


Hurting man


Dear Hurting man:

Unfortunately, you can’t go doctor shopping after you agreed to abide by the opinion of a doctor agreeable to both parties.  The only option would be  to cross examine the doctor hoping to find a discrepancy in his report. However, this would be costly and it doesn’t guarantee that you will get treatment for the missing parts of your body .  A less costly way would be to contact the defense attorney and arrange a re exam or a supplemental report. Specifically directing the doctor to address whatever medical questions are at hand.  Your claim sounds like is heading toward litigation. Perhaps,  it’s time to get professional involved and consider hiring an attorney.

Best Wishes,

Workers Comp Guy